Substance   FIREWORKS
UN Number   0333
HIN (= Hazard Identification Number)  
ADR Label   1
ADR Class   1
Classification Code   1.1G
Packing group  
ERIC   1-01
Emergency Response Information

1. Characteristics
  • Explosive substances or articles containing explosives (e.g. ammunition).
  • May have additional toxic or corrosive risks.

2. Hazards
  • Mass explosion hazard, affecting almost the entire load instantaneously, when heated or burning.
  • Projection hazard: high velocity fragments or burning debris may cause secondary fires.
  • Blast hazard.
  • Violent blast wave may cause severe damage in an area of up to several hundred metres e.g. glass parts.
  • May give off toxic or corrosive fumes in a fire.

3. Personal Protection
  • Self contained breathing apparatus.

4. Intervention Actions
  4.1 General
  • No smoking, eliminate ignition sources. Do not use electrical devices in the vicinity of the cargo.
  • Keep distance and use any suitable protected position immediately.
  • PUBLIC SAFETY HAZARD – Warn people nearby and evacuate the danger area immediately.
  • Minimize number of personnel in risk area.
  • DO NOT TOUCH dropped or projected substances or articles.
  • If required, notify Competent Authorities.

  4.2 Spillage
  • DO NOT TAKE MEASURES! Seek specialist advice immediately.
  • If substance has entered a water course or sewer, inform the responsible authority.

  4.3 Fire (involving the substance)
  • DO NOT FIGHT FIRE, let it burn.
  • Only if fire has not reached the cargo area yet, fight fire by any means available.
  • Work from protected position to reduce risk to personnel. Use unmanned monitors or lances.
  • Evacuate the public from the risk area in a radius of at least 1000 m.
  • Keep emergency response personnel away from the risk area in a radius of at least 500 m .
  • Keep area clear and maintain surveillance for at least 6 hours.

5. First Aid
  • In case of burns, immediately cool affected skin for as long as possible with cold water. Do not remove clothing adhering to skin.
  • Persons, who have been in contact with the substance or have inhaled fumes should get immediate medical attention. Pass on all available product information.

6. Essential Precautions For Product Recovery
  • Do not use standard recovery equipment. Seek specialist advice immediately.

7. Precautions After Intervention
  7.1 Undressing
  • Seek specialist advice for decontamination procedures.

  7.2 Equipment Clean Up
  • Seek specialist advice before leaving accident.

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