The CEFIC Emergency Response Intervention Cards (ERICards or ERIC's) provide guidance on initial actions for fire crews when they first arrive at the scene of a chemical transport accident without having appropriate and reliable product specific emergency information at hand. Consult database in English.

ERICards may be reproduced without further permission provided that:

  • the cards are reproduced in their entirety, without alteration
  • no copies of cards are being sold
  • due reference is made to the guiding principles for the use of the cards and to the disclaimer

This issue of the ERICards was realised with the financial support (Reference SUB-B27020B-E3-ERICARDS-2002-S07.14176) of the European Commission - Directorate General for Energy and Transport

Last update (10 april 2015):
ERICards have been brought in line with ADR 2015 by introducing new UN entries and by adapting classification data for a number of substances.
This has resulted in:
  • the creation of ERICards 9-10
  • the elimination of ERICards none
  • No substance have been reallocated based on amended classification data or comments from experts

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